The DFRobot Boson Starter Kit for the BBC micro:bit

boson DFRobot Lego magnetic makecode micro:bit microbit microbit accessories motors sensors teaching

The DFRobot Boson Starter Kit allows easy connection of multiple sensors and other inputs and outputs, to the BBC micro:bit.

We were looking for a kit that would be easy to get working quickly for primary-aged teachers, and their students. The Boson starter kit came to our attention after some customer enquiries, and offers great expandability due to the simple plug-in interfaces. Using a standard micro:bit edge connector, setup is straightforward; leaving the micro:bit's microUSB port accessible for programming, while immediately adding useful features like a power switch and speaker (with volume control in rare cases those fun tunes start to get a little too repetitive ;) ).

There's a great range of colour-coded components that can be attached to structures with screw-in magnetic brackets that can also connect to Lego, or directly to a whiteboard.  The system uses easy-to-connect leads that allow good flexibility for orientating components.

Documentation is clear and straight-forward, using the popular editor, with many other components available for expansion.

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