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Electro-Fashion Deluxe E-Textiles Pack

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(Suitable for ages 8 years and over)

This deluxe E-Textiles pack is a great way to get a little more involved with E-Textiles.

We have selected a number of products from our Electro-Fashion range, including three of our ultra-slim LEDs and two separate power boards. There are enough components for you get started immediately to create some eye catching E-Textiles projects, the only limit is your imagination.


  • Everything you need to complete three projects.
  • Enough Electro-Fashion components to get started immediately with E-Textiles.
  • Full instructions for assembly.
  • Great project ideas and tutorials.


  • 2 x Sewable Blue LEDs.
  • 2 x Sewable White LEDs.
  • 2 x Sewable Sakura (lilac) LEDs.
  • 2 x Blue Flashing LEDs.
  • 2 x Green Flashing LEDs.
  • 2 x White Flashing LEDs.
  • 1 x Slide Switch.
  • 1 x Push Switch.
  • 2 x CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries.
  • 1 x CR1220 Coin Cell Battery.
  • 1 x 6m Conductive Thread.
  • 1 x Coin Cell Holder.
  • 1 x Miniature Coin Cell Holder.
  • 1 x Switched Coin Cell Holder.


  • Ultra Slim Sewable LED Length: 15mm.
  • Ultra Slim Sewable LED Width: 6.5mm.
  • Ultra Slim Sewable LED Height: 2.7mm.
  • Slide Switch Length: 18mm.
  • Slide Switch Width: 8.5mm.
  • Slide Button Switch Height: 4mm.
  • Push Button Switch Length: 18mm.
  • Push Button Switch Width: 8.5mm.
  • Push Button Switch Height: 3mm.
  • CR1220 Battery Height: 2mm.
  • CR1220 Battery Diameter: 12mm.
  • CR2032 Battery Height: 3.2mm.
  • CR2032 Battery Diameter: 20mm.
  • Sewable Coin Cell Holder Length: 34mm.
  • Sewable Coin Cell Holder Width: 20mm.
  • Sewable Coin Cell Holder Height: 4.5mm.
  • Sewable Miniature Coin Cell Holder Length: 22mm.
  • Sewable Miniature Coin Cell Holder Width: 12.5mm.
  • Sewable Miniature Coin Cell Holder Height: 4mm.
  • Switched Coin Cell Holder Length: 22mm.
  • Switched Coin Cell Holder Width: 12.5mm.
  • Switched Coin Cell Holder Height: 4mm.


  • Scissors.
  • Needles.



  • The coin cell holders in this pack contain Nickel and should not be used in designs where it will be in prolonged contact with the skin.

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