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Kitronik Learn to Solder Surface Mount Kit

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Our learn to solder surface mount kit is an excellent introduction to surface mount soldering. The pack provides all of the parts and PCB required to make a 5V lamp. Each pack comprises; 3 x surface mount LEDs, 3 x surface mount Resistors, and 1 x PCB. Just add soldering tools and a powering method! (see the 'Requires:' section below).

This kit has been designed to give students soldering experience, with simple surface mount component placement. Surface mount components are designed so that the component is mounted on to the surface of the board and the solder joints are made across the surfaces of the PCB and components. This is different to through-hole components, where the component legs are placed through the PCB and the solder joint is made through the board. Testing of a completed board is simple, either; by soldering a battery supply or USB supply to the PCB and visually inspecting the solder joints.

Once built, the resulting 5V Mini LED Lamp Module is the perfect board for anyone who wishes to design a low power lighting enclosure, such as a desk lamp or accent light. 

The board has been specifically designed so that its power requirements are well within the supply rating of a computer USB port (5V and well under 100mA). The board also features two power connection pads with a 2.54mm pitch which are compatible with standard 2.54mm pin headers. Additionally, the board also features a single central M3 (4.5mm) mounting hole.

Both the project kit and the supporting material have been carefully designed for use in KS3 Design and Technology lessons. The project kit has been designed so that even teachers with limited knowledge of electronics should have no trouble using it as a basis from which they can form a scheme of work.


  • All you need to learn how to solder surface mount components.
  • The finished kit can easily be tested by attaching a 5V supply to the board.
  • Designed KS3 Design & Technology lessons.
  • The kit is supplied with 5 LEDs and 5 resistors. The build uses three of each, with two of each as spares.


  • 5 x Surface Mount LEDs.
  • 5 x Surface Mount 100ohm Resistors
  • 1 x Tweezer set, 4 piece.
  • 5 x M3 Hex Full Width Nut.
  • 1 x Learn to Solder Surface Mount PCB.

Dimensions (when complete):

  • Circumscribed Diameter: 20mm.
  • Pad Pitch: 2.54mm.
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 4.5mm.
  • PCB Height: 1.6mm.
  • Max Height: 3mm.





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