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Kitronik Battery Tester Project Kit

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(Suitable for ages 14 years and over)

This kit uses a single AA battery holder into which the user places a battery. LEDs then illuminate to show the remaining capacity of the battery. The circuit uses a quad operational amplifier to provide a reference voltage and comparators to determine which LEDs should go on. This makes it a great kit for studying operational amplifiers.

Testing of the kit can be performed using an adjustable power supply, or with a circuit tester (consisting of an AA battery holder, variable resistor & crocodile clips).

 Note: this kit requires soldering.


  • Displays battery charge level with 4 LEDs.
  • Great for showing how operational amplifiers work.



  • 1 x PP3 Battery Clip Lead (Heavy Duty).
  • 1 x 3xAA Battery Cage with Clip.
  • 1 x LM324 Quad Op Amp.
  • 1 x IC Socket 14 Pin.
  • 1 x 1N4001 Diode.
  • 4 x Red 5mm Diffused LED - 275mCd.
  • 1 x 680Ω Resistor.
  • 5 x 220Ω Resistor.
  • 4 x 22KΩ Resistor.
  • 1 x 100KΩ Resistor.
  • 1 x 1xAA Battery Cage with Leads.
  • 1 x Battery Tester PCB.



  • PCB Length: 68.5mm.
  • PCB Width: 38mm.



  • 4 x AA Batteries.



This kit is supplied in a simple grip seal bag.

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