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Conductive Fabric Squares with Conductive Adhesive - 3 pack

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These Nylon conductive squares, measuring 10cm x 10cm, have a conductive adhesive backing making them the perfect choice for a wide variety of e-textiles/cosplay applications. More flexible than copper tape, more versatile than standard conductive fabrics, and they can be cut exactly to shape and stuck straight to your project/costume.

The nylon squares have a high level of conductivity with only a few ohms of resistance per foot of fabric. Whilst not quite as conductive as copper tape, it can be stuck directly to another flexible material without the risk of cracking under continual flexing. This makes creating wearable tech and cosplay costumes easier than ever and should also speed up the making processes. The flexible nature of the fabric means that your circuit should stand up to the rigours of being worn over and over again.

As well as being easy to shape it can be used in conjunction with other conductive circuit elements such as conductive copper tape and conductive threads. Although it can't be soldered directly to, it can easily be connected to things that can be.

Supplied as a three-pack which should allow you to complete your costume/project with material to spare.


  • Flexible conductive material with a conductive adhesive backing.
  • It can easily be cut to shape for flexible circuit designs.
  • Use it in conjunction with copper tape and conductive threads.
  • These squares can be stuck directly to any material.
  • Ideal for creating cosplay costumes or for use in any wearables design.
  • The fabric and adhesive backing offer a high level of conductivity.
  • It makes the task of creating e-textiles/electro fashion/wearables designs quick and simple.
  • Supplied as a convenient 3 pack.
  • RoHS compliant.


  • 1 x 3 pack of Nylon Fabric Squares with Conductive Adhesive.


  • Length: 100mm.
  • Width: 100mm.



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