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Kitronik ZIP Hex LED, pack of 5

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The Kitronik ZIP Hex LED has a single RGB LED which can be controlled with a Microprocessor to produce a full spectrum of colours.

The LED is a WS2812Mini, for which software packages are available for the BBC micro:bit and other processors.

The board has been specifically designed to allow you to chain the boards together. They have 6 evenly spaced pads around the outside of the PCB that can be connected to with crocodile clips or M3 fixings. They can also be stacked by rotating the PCB 180 degrees to create columns.

The ZIP Hex LED has an operating voltage of between 3.5V to 5V and can be fed into the boards via the +V and 0V pads. Data to the LED is fed to the LED via the IN pad. When chaining ZIP Hex LEDs together, or other ZIP LED boards, the OUT of the first board should have a connection to the IN of the second board, repeated for each board in the chain. You would also connect the +V and 0V pads of each board together.



  • It features a single WS2812Mini LED which can produce a full spectrum of colours.
  • It can be controlled by a Microprocessor, such as the microbit.
  • The boards can be chained together.
  • The pads can be connected to with crocodile clips or M3 fixings.



  • 1 x Kitronik ZIP Hex LED pack of 5.



  • Point to Point Width: 21.5mm.
  • Length To Length Width: 19.5mm.
  • Height: 3.6mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm






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