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Kitronik USB LED strip with power switch

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The Kitronik LED Strip with power switch is a board designed for low power lightings, such as desk lamps or accent lights. Its discreet size and straightforward layout make it perfect for creative lighting enclosures.

The board has a micro USB power connector and has been designed so that it is within the supply rating of a computer USB port (under 100mA). This means you can power it conveniently from a computer/laptop or a suitable power supply.

The PCB is approximately 50mm long, 10mm wide, and is provided with a single mounting hole. The board features the power switch at one end and the micro USB power connector at the other.

The end mounted switch can be used to turn on/off the LEDs. An additional switch can be connected in parallel with the PCB switch to allow remote mounting within an enclosure. The board features pads that the remote switch can be soldered to. When using a remote switch the PCB mounted switch should be left switched to ‘Off’.

We also have a multi-coloured version of this with programmed patterns here.


  • This a low power (under 100mA) power LED lighting board that can be used in enclosure designs.
  • It features a micro USB power connector and can be powered by a computer.
  • There is an onboard on/off switch.
  • It also features pads for connecting an additional optional switch that can be mounted on your enclosure.
  • If using an additional switch, the onboard switch is disabled by leaving it in the off position.
  • Its discreet size and thoughtful layout make it easy to design an enclosure around.
  • It features a single M3 (3.3mm) mounting hole.


  • 1 x Kitronik low power USB LED strip with on/off switch.


  • Length: 49.5mm.
  • Width: 10mm.
  • Height (including switch): 5.5mm.


  • USB Lead and 5V power supply




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