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Kitronik USB LED Strip with Light Sensor

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The Kitronik LED strip with a sensor has been specifically designed for use in custom enclosures for low-power lighting. The onboard sensor makes it the perfect choice for a night light or desk illumination that comes on when the ambient light levels drop. If desired, the sensor can be bypassed with a flick of a switch for continuous lighting.

The power requirements of the board fall within the supply rating of a computer USB port (under 100mA). The PCB is approx. 50mm long, 10mm wide and has a mounting hole at one end. The board features 5 bright LEDs (Luminous Intensity ~8000mCd), a micro-USB power input, a phototransistor, and a three-way switch.

The side-mounted slide switch has three positions: On, Off and Sense. The On and Off positions directly turn on/off the LEDs, whereas the Sense position makes use of the end-mounted phototransistor to turn the LEDs on when the darkness threshold has been reached.

A clear gap has been left between the phototransistor and the rest of the components to allow a barrier to be placed between them in an enclosure design, ensuring no light from the LEDs can affect the sensor.


  • Specifically designed for low-power lighting projects.
  • The board features a light sensor, ideal for designing enclosures for night lights.
  • Control comes via a side-mounted 3-position switch.
    • Position 1 = On.
    • Position 2 = Off.
    • Position 3 = Sense.
  • The board can be powered via a computer USB port.
  • The PCB features 5 LEDs (Luminous Intensity ~8000mCd) and a single mounting hole.


  • 1 x White USB LED Strip with Sensor.


  • Length: 50mm.
  • Width: 10mm.
  • Height: 4.5mm.





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