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Kitronik Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Kit

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Bring your amplifier case design projects up to date with our new Bluetooth Amplifier Kit and play music from a phone, tablet or computer wirelessly.

Please note that this kit has now been replaced by KT_2182

The kit is available in 3 different formats; on its own with no speakers, with 4ohm 65mm speakers included or with 8ohm 100mm speakers included. For the two speaker options, the speakers are supplied unconnected to allow for cable lengths and cable routing to be personalised to specific enclosure designs. The power switch for all three options is supplied unmounted so an alternative power switch can be used.

The amplifier at the heart of this kit is a 3W Class-D amplifier which not only delivers excellent audio quality, it is also very light weight and doesn't require the use of a heat sink. This greatly reduces the factors that need to be taken into account when designing your own enclosures.

The user interface is a simple on/off switch. When powered on, the Bluetooth module has been programmed to automatically try to reconnect to the last device it was paired with and where this is not possible it will instead enter pairing mode. After testing various iterations, we determined that automating this process led to a much more satisfying user experience.

You can power the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit using either a 1A USB supply or LiPo battery(with JST connector). Both available separately. It also features an integrated LiPo battery charging circuit, for battery capacities between 400mAh to 1000mAh, for those who also want a portable mains free solution, with automatic battery charging and switch over between PSU and battery (when battery present). A 1000mAh LiPo battery can provide up to 28 hours of continuous operation at ‘normal’ volume.

The board features an LED and sounds which are used to indicate status information, such as pairing status. There is also an optional connection point for an off-board LED, for designs where the USB power and LED want to be on different enclosure faces.


  • As the speakers and the power switch are supplied unconnected, some soldering is required .
  • Speaker wire is supplied with all three buying options. 


  • 3W audio amplifier with Bluetooth link (based on a fully CE compliant module).
  • Play music from a phone, tablet or computer wirelessly.
  • A simple user interface, via single on / off switch.
  • Auto-reconnect or enters pairing mode on power-up.
  • LED and sounds indicate status information such as paring status.
  • Optional connection point for additional off-board LED.
  • Can be powered from a 1A micro USB supply or LiPo battery (both available separately).
  • Includes automatic LiPo charging for battery capacities between 400mAh to 1000mAh.
  • Speakers supplied unconnected allowing cable lengths and cable routing to be personalised to specific enclosure designs.

This is an enclosure that we designed and 3D printed to serve as an example. 


Buying Option. Pre-built PCB. Power Switch. Speaker Wire. 2 x 65mm 4 ohm speakers. 2 x 100mm 8 ohm speakers.



  • PCB Length: 64mm.
  • PCB Width: 53mm.
  • PCB Max Height Without Switch: 7mm.
  • PCB Max Height With Switch: 8.5mm.



Note: this product is sometimes miss spelt as blue tooth or blutooth speaker kit

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