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These headers will give your HAT or pHAT a real lift!

We all love playing with the latest Pi accessories, but sometimes we've found that these wonderful add-on boards could do with just a little more clearance from the top of the Raspberry Pi.

Thats where these little headers come in! They're standard 2x20 GPIO headers so are suitable for all 40-pin versions of the Raspberry Pi, but they have 5mm pins to make sure they mate securely with the female headers on your add-on board.

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Do you really need a Booster Header? - Yes if...

When I got my first RaspberryPi, I was happy plugging stuff into the pins until I realised that the dust is starting to build up, so then I thought "I need a case", so I got a case.
Then I saw, hmmm, I need to open the lid of the case to plug things in. Hmm, I have lots of cables plugged into stuff and my fingers are not that small to get all the way down there and around the existing cables, even with a case flip lid, the cables got in the road.
I wonder if Smalldevices have a header that I didn't see when I was looking for cases. Wait, what's this, a header that lifts the pins higher, thats the very thing.
I ordered, it arrived, I plugged it, and happy happy days.
So, yes, you do need a header if you have the situation of lots of cables and they are all the way down there....


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