e-Textiles Deluxe Starter Kit

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Enhance your eTextile DIY projects with our comprehensive sewable electronics kit, designed for creating interactive and illuminated textile designs. This is the eTextiles  Deluxe Electro Fashion kit modified to work with 2 x AAA batteries. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced maker, this kit provides everything you need to incorporate some glowing light elements into your fabric creations.

Note: For child safety and compliance with Australian legislation, this kit does not use coin cell batteries - coin cells are dangerous and should be avoided for kids' projects. This kit uses a safer alternative with a socket connection for a 2 x AAA battery holder.

What's Included:

This kit requires conductive thread - please select the conductive thread option if you do not already have this.

Power and Connectivity:

  • Battery Holder for 2 x AAA with JST Plug: Power your e-textile projects efficiently with this compact and convenient battery holder, complete with a JST plug. This can be sewed in, or attached with velcro/fabric glue (glue and velcro not included)
  • e-Textiles Sewable JST Socket: Seamlessly integrate power into your designs with this sewable JST socket, ensuring safe, reliable, and durable connections.

Illumination Components:

  • Sewable LEDs (colours may vary depending on stock):

    • 2 x Green or Blue Sewable LEDs: Add vibrant hues to your fabric with these easy-to-sew LEDs.
    • 2 x Sewable White LEDs: Perfect for providing bright, neutral illumination.
    • 2 x Sewable Sakura (Lilac) LEDs: Infuse a touch of elegance and subtlety with these delicate lilac LEDs

Essential Tools and Accessories (not included):

  • 2 x AAA Batteries

  • Scissors and Needle

Unleash Your Creativity!

Our e-Textiles Deluxe Starter kit is perfect for a variety of projects, from wearable tech and interactive art to educational STEM activities. With easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary components, you'll be crafting illuminated masterpieces in no time.


Order Now!

Transform your fabric creations with this sewable electronics kit. Perfect for makers of all ages, this kit offers endless possibilities for innovation and creativity. Order yours today and start sewing the future.

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