Electronic Cicada Solder Kit

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This beautifully designed solder kit will sound like a real-life cicada once it's dark! The entire kit consists out of three parts: the body and two wings. This way, the cicada has an extra dimension and resembles a real cicada (but bigger). Other components include a buzzer to reproduce the crepitating sound, and a phototransistor to make the buzzer go off when it's dark. The gadget is powered by a 9V batter (not included), which make this little bug stand alone. Enjoy making this rather challenging gadget!


  • produces the typical cicada sound when dark
  • buzzer
  • on/off switch
  • phototransistor
  • orange LED that flashes to the sound
  • 3 PCBs:
  • mat black main body
  • 2 shiny yellow wings

Technical Data

  • power supply: 9 V battery (not incl.)
  • current consumption: 6.5 mA
  • battery life: about 30 hours (when constantly in use)
  • sound level: about 70 dB at 1 meter distance

Operational Properties

Instruction Manual Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

Product Basic Info

Colour: Yellow
Additional Colour: Black
Depth: 140 mm
Width: 110 mm
Weight: 72 g

Skill Level

Coding Skill Level: none
Electronics Skill Level: none
Mechanics Skill Level: none
Soldering Skill Level: none


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