GPIO Hammer Header (Solderless)

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Absolutely no soldering required! All that's needed is a few gentle taps with a hammer and bazinga! Your header is securely attached to your Pi Zero or pHAT.

If your soldering isn't quite up to scratch, or you just don't own a soldering iron yet, then these nifty hammer headers might be just the job. They come in male and female flavours, and use crafty little retaining nubbins to grip tightly into the holes on the PCB.

The installation jig kit contains two acrylic base pieces, onto which your Pi Zero or pHAT sits, two nylon bolts, an acrylic top piece onto which you hammer, and both a male and female header. Make sure you carefully read the guide for fitting hammer headers.

We strongly recommend using our installation jig! If you want to try without it then godspeed to you but it is a delicate and tricky process! The female headers are simpler to insert than the male headers as you can hammer straight onto the plastic of the header, but the male ones are particularly tricky without the jig.

Please note: we can't be held responsible for any damage that you may cause to your Pi Zero, pHAT, fingers, or headers while fitting them. If you follow our guide carefully then you should be fine.

Watch the Pimoroni demo of how to fit the hammer headers on Bilge Tank, below.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Very easy to use, great alternative to soldering

Its good

Easy to use

Very easy...

Easy to use, though the instructions didn't quick match the content of the package (different types of screws)

Great product.

Great service from smalldevices.com.au.

If your soldering is not up to snuff, give this a go!

I recently had to solder some headers onto my Pi Zero and all I can say is: what a mess! My soldering is not as clean as it once was. When I saw these solder less headers I thought I'd give them a go. The setup is a little bit fiddly for big, old, fumble-fingers like mine, but much, much easier than soldering. Just a few little taps with a hammer and bingo! Job done! The installation feels nice and sturdy and I have no fears that the pins will come out. the best bit? No dry solder joints or ugly big globs of solder on the board. 8^)

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