Waveshare KitiBot Tracked Robot Building Kit for micro:bit

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This sturdy robot for the BBC micro:bit (included), boasts a sheet metal body and a recharge circuit for Li-ion batteries, as well as multi-coloured LEDs, stable line-following sensors, and a distance sensor mounted on a pan/tilt bracket. Oh, and did we mention it runs on tracks for navigating more interesting terrain?

Documentation and code examples are available here.

Note: this product requires one 18650 battery to work, which are NOT included and should be purchased separately.


  • Onboard connector for plugging in micro:bit
  • Integrates the MP2636 Li-ion battery charger with system boost, allowing charging of the battery whilst in use
  • Integrates the DW01+8205S Li-ion battery protection circuitry: reverse protection, over charge/discharge protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection
  • Integrates the TB6612FNG dual H bridge motor driver, which is high efficiency, and low heating
  • Integrates the PCA9685 PWM controller, micro:bit IO expansion
  • Integrates the TLC1543 AD acquisition chip, allows connection of multiple analog sensors to the micro:bit
  • Integrates 4x APA102 colorful LEDs, dual-line control, with no more conflicts between the WS2812B RGB LED and Bluetooth
  • Onboard buzzer to play music

  • micro:bit connector – for connecting micro:bit
  • MP2636 – power management, for both charging and boost discharging the battery
  • 8205S – dual N-Ch MOSFET, for circuit protection
  • DW01 – Li-ion battery protection charge/discharge protection
  • RT9193-33 – 3.3V voltage regulator, supplies power for micro:bit
  • MLT-8530 – buzzer
  • PCA9685 – PWM controller, micro:bit IO expansion, I2C interface
  • TB6612FNG – dual H bridge motor driver
  • TLC1543 – 10-bit AD acquisition chip, allows connect line tracking analog sensor to the micro:bit
  • APA102 – dual-line control RGB LED
  • 18650 battery holder
  • Power switch
  • Micro USB power interface – for charging the Li-ion battery
  • Indicators
    WARNING: Li-ion battery reverse warning
    CHG: charge mode
    BOOT: boost mode
    PWR: power
  • Module connectors (bottom side) – for connecting servo, ultrasonic module, line tracking module
  • Motor connectors (bottom side)

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