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The LOLIN D32 Pro uses the ESP32 Microcontroller with the ESP-WROVER chip, adding 4MB psRAM. This board also comes with I2C and TFT ports.

If you just wanted the plain ESP32-WROOM-32 chip version, we also have that here.

By default, the board comes with MicroPython firmware, and includes headers (requires soldering). For support for the 4MB psRAM via SPI, you can either download a pre-built binary to flash, or compile your own to allow a custom RAM configuration.

Of course, you can also program this board with Arduino.


  • Espressif official ESP32-WROVER module
  • Lastest ESP32 Version: REV1
  • Lithium battery interface, 500mA Max charging current
  • LOLIN I2C port (STEMMA QT 4 pin JST PH)
  • LOLIN TFT port
  • TF (Micro SD) Card slot, support SPI mode.
  • Compatible with Arduino, MicroPython
  • Default firmware: lastest MicroPython


A schematic is located here. Technical documents can be found here.

There's more Wemos tutorials for MicroPython and Arduino here.


MacOS and Windows drivers can be found here. Linux will detect the board out of the box.

You can download the micro Python firmware under 'Firmware for ESP32 boards' here. This can be installed on your LOLIN32 Lite using the Python esptool, which is available here. If you're just getting started, we recommend enabling on the device, and downloading the WebREPL web interface to upload edited files. You can also use Adafruit's commandline tool, ampy.


  • Support Battery: LiPo 3.7V
  • Operating voltage: 3.3v
  • Digital I/O pins: 22
  • Size: 65mm x 25.4mm
  • Weight: 7.5g

Customer Reviews

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ESP32 Lolin D32 Pro

I finally got around to testing this device. I bought it to try out micropython as I have been using C and the Arduino IDE for some time and wanted to try another language.

I used the micropython Thonny IDE and loaded the latest CH340 serial driver and everything worked like a charm.

It was my first purchase from SmallDevices and wont be my last. Much better experience than buying from the big Chinese websites and much faster delivery!

Great product and very efficient service

I purchased the Lolin D32 Pro. It is a great little board. My project is still a work in progress. But so far everything is working nicely, including utilsation of the deep-sleep mode to extend battery life when power is not connected.The device was shipped quickly and efficiently. And the price was very competitive for an Australian supplier. No doubt I could have got it cheaper in China, but this was delivered in a couple days. Great value. Will certainly look to SmallDevices for other gear.

Very satisfied with product and service

I bought the Lolin D32 ESP32 and Lolin D32 Pro ESP32 boards because they have very low deep-sleep current, so it is ideal for projects that need extended battery life. I was able to get it to work very easily in Arduino IDE. The order was Shipped by SmallDevices very quickly after the order was placed. Thank you!

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