Quick Tip: Assembling the Kitronik Prong

Kitronik moisture sensor

Sometimes, assembling things quickly, can get fiddly just before a class. Here’s a quick and easy method for fitting the Kitronik Moisture Prong to a bunch of micro:bits (works right or left handed)

You will need

  • A Kitronik Prong moisure sensor
  • A BBC micro:bit
  • (Optional) phillips head screwdriver - 1pt size fits best, or just fingers can do the job…in a pinch 😉

Step 1: Connect the ground screw

Your prong comes with 3 screws; for the holes marked p1, 3V, and GND.

  • Holding the prong in your non-dominant hand, place a screw in the GND hole and keep the thumb from that hand, on the screw head
  • Place the Prong on top of the micro:bit (the side with the lights and 2 buttons), so that the end of the screw goes into the hole marked GND on the micro:bit
    thumb on gnd
  • Keeping your thumb on the screw, hold the micro:bit to the prong with the finger of the same hand. Now fit the nut onto the end of the screw with your other hand and tighten it finger-tight
    attach nut
  • Your prong is now connected to the front of the micro:bit with one screw in the GND hole. This holds it in place while you fit the other screws!
    Ground screw attached

Step 2: Fit the other screws

  • Wiggle the Prong around so that the other holes in the micro:bit line up with the corresponding holes on the Prong. Starting with the P1 hole, add the screw from the front (holding them in with your thumb).
    Screw in P1
  • Continuing on, adding a screw to the 3V hole last. Tighten up the nuts with your dominant hand, whilst holding the screw head with your thumb - if you have a screwdriver, you can tighten them a little more, and if you've got pliers, even better!

    Finished prong

    Your micro:bit prong is now attached - ready to create your next exciting project!

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