Set up the Pimoroni pHAT DAC with OpenElec and Kodi, on the Raspberry Pi Zero W

OpenElec is a Linux media player distribution, that runs Kodi, and supports the pHAT DAC.

To set this up, you'll need:

Download the Latest OpenElec Image File

The latest OpenElec disk image can be downloaded from

Clicking on 'Details' will take you to the file hashes for verification of your download.

Write the Disk Image to Your microSD Card

An easy way to write the image to your microSD card, is with Etcher - available from:

Once you've installed Etcher, you can write the downloaded OpenElect image onto your microSD card


Edit the config.txt File

Once the image is written to the microSD card, you should be able to remove and insert it, then edit the config.txt file. Use your favourite text editor to do this - if that doesn't make any sense, you can use notepad on Windows, or Textedit on Mac. Add the following line at the bottom, save the file, and eject the microSD card.


Power Up and Select the Audio Device

Put the microSD card into the slot at the end of your Raspberry Pi Zero W, connect a HDMI monitor/TV, keyboard and mouse/trackpad, then power it up.

 Go to the system settings menu, and set the audio device to 'snd_rpi_hifiberry_dac_Analog'.


Now just plug the 3.5mm plug into your amp, or headphones for crisp, clear audio!

If you'd like to use RCA line output, check out the Dual Phono Connector. You can read more about using OpenElec here.


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