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Kitronik USB RGB LED strip with pattern selector

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The RGB LED Strip is a board designed for low power lighting applications, such as mood lamps, edge-lit signs, or accent lights. Its discreet size and straightforward layout make it perfect for creative custom lighting enclosures.

The board has a micro USB power connector and has been designed so that power requirements are within the supply rating of a computer USB port (under 100mA). This means you can power it conveniently from a computer/laptop or a suitable power supply.

The PCB is approximately 80mm long and 8mm wide, featuring a single M3 mounting hole and flat underside allowing for easy securing within custom enclosures. The USB connector projects approximately 2mm from the end of the PCB. The end mounted switch is used to step between lighting patterns and turn off the LEDs. A remote switch can be connected in parallel with the PCB switch, via the pads provided, to allow remote mounting within an enclosure. The remote switch should be momentary, normally open. The use of a non-momentary switch may result in unpredictable operation.

The 5 full-colour RGB LEDs are mounted on the boards centre line and are driven by a small onboard chip which is pre-programmed to deliver 4 patterns, selected by pressing the button to step through them:

  • A rainbow fade that slowly fades through different colours.
  • Pressing the button will stop the fade on the current colour.
  • Pressing again will start a brightness fade (up and down) centred around the current colour.
  • Another press changes to an RGB chasing pattern.
  • A further press turns off the LEDs.

Pressing the button once more will bring the sequence back to the first rainbow fade pattern.

If you're just after a white light version of this, you can find that here.


  • A low power lighting solution ideal for creating custom enclosures for the desktop.
  • Featuring 5 full-colour RGB LEDs with 4 different user-selectable lighting patterns.
  • Advance through patterns with end mounted tactile button.
  • Add your own momentary switch in parallel for remote mounting on your projects.
  • The board is approx. 80mm long and 8mm wide.
  • There is a single M3 mounting hole and the underside of the board is completely flat, allowing for technically simple enclosure designs.
  • Power the board via the end mounted USB connector.
  • Forward current is typically 60mA at 5V, peak < 90mA.


  • 1 x Kitronik USB RGB LED strip with pattern selector.


  • Length: 80mm.
  • Width: 8mm.
  • Max Height: 5mm.
  • Mounting Hole: M3.





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