MonkMakes Clever Card Kit for Raspberry Pi

MonkMakes Clever Card Kit for Raspberry Pi

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(Suitable for ages 11 years and over)

The MonkMakes Clever Card Kit for Raspberry Pi will provide you with hours of entertainment building projects that can read and write from 13.5MHz contactless RFID smart cards.

The kit includes the following items:

  • A MFRC522 smart card reader/writer
  • 6 x Smart Cards
  • RFID key fob
  • 10 x female to female jumper wires to connect the reader to your Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Leaf GPIO template
  • Raspberry Squid RGB LED
  • Raspberry Squid Button
  • Instruction Booklet – step-by-step instructions for setting up your Pi and building the projects
  • Raspberry Pi NOT INCLUDED

This kit has everything you need to make the following projects:

  1. A card reader
  2. A card writer
  3. A simulated door lock
  4. A ‘thing identifier’ – uses text to voice to describe an object (with card attached)
  5. A ‘launcher’ – allows you to launch browser pages and other actions when a card is placed near the reader
  6. Monopoly ATM – each player has a card which they can debit or credit

All the programs for the projects are written in Python and instructions for free download are included. You can find all the code here on GitHub.

  • No soldering required
  • Build 6 interesting smart card projects
  • Includes a 28 page instruction booklet with full assembly instructions
  • Includes 6 RFID cards and one key fob as well as a Squid Button and Squid LED
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 or newer (Raspberry Pi 3 recommended


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