WEMOS TFT 1.4" 128X128 SPI LCD ST7735S

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The WEMOS TFT 1.4 inch display shield is a 18-bit (262,144) color screen with 128x128 pixel resolution with SPI interfaces.

The shield can use three different interfaces for connection:

  1. WEMOS D1 mini Shield Connector
    Compatible with WEMOS D1 mini, plug in WEMOS D1 mini, Shield and Base
  2. SH1.0-10P Connector
    Using the 10P TFT Cable, connect to the WeMos SPI shield or to the ESP32 D32 Pro
  3. Via the 8 Pin 2.54mm Connector


  • 1.44” diagonal LCD TFT display
  • 128×128 resolution, 18-bit (262,144) color
  • Driver IC: ST7735S
  • Compatible with WEMOS D1 mini
  • 3 kinds of connection


We also have Arduino code, for using this screen with the LOLIN D32 Pro, kindly contributed by Tony here.

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    Wemos TFT 1.4" Great Little Screen

    Great little screen with the Wemos TFT 10p cable plugs straight into the Wemos Lolin D32 Pro making a great easy setup. Add a Adafruit Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 150mAh and JST 2-pin Extension Cable with On/Off Switch - JST PH2. Now you have a portable Mini development system and no soldering required.
    The colours are bright and micro text size is very clear. When plugging in 10p lead hold the PCB not the screen.

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