Makecode Coding Tutorials for the 4tronix Bit:Bot Robot

bitbot microbit robotics tutorials

Tutorial 5 for controlling the 4tronix Bit:Bot over radio, is online now.

You can also find links to our tutorials 1-5 here.

Part 1: LEDs and Buzzer

  1. How to add the Bitbot extension to the makecode editor
  2. Write code to sound the buzzer and turn the Bitbot’s LEDs red
  3. Load your code onto the micro:bit and run it in your Bitbot
Part 2: Ultrasonic sensor
  1. Read the Ultrasonic sensor on the Bitbot
  2. Control the motors to drive forward and turn
  3. Avoid objects detected within a set distance of the Ultrasonic sensor

Part 3: Using the top light sensors on the Bitbot

  1. Read top light sensors on the Bitbot
  2. Use data from the light sensors to drive the motors to follow a light source, in the dark

Part 4: Introduction to line-following on the Bitbot

  1. Think about the different conditions that can be detected by the line following sensors.
  2. Use data from these sensors to make the Bitbot follow a line, and consider ways to improve the accuracy of this action.
Part 5: Control the Bitbot over radio
  1. Read the accelerometer to get pitch (tilting forward and back) and roll (tilting side to side) values.
  2. Send two different values over radio, and translating these into movements in our Bitbot robot.
  3. Map angles of tilt in degrees, to the required range of values for motor speeds.


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