BBC micro:bit stock in Australia in time for the holidays

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Are your kids winding up their school year and now glued to video games, phones, and tablets? Perhaps they're telling you what  a great time they had at Code Club or programming at school. For the price of a few apps, give them something for coding on, that they can carry around to make badges with scrolling messages, smiley faces, by writing their own code and adding gestures. With this small device, kids can code to create an interactive device.



One of the many things we love about the micro:bit is the flexibility to choose whether to code from your browser, mobile device, or even a text editor on your computer. You can also use visual programming, like Scratch, choosing from a range of coding languages including JavaScript, Microsoft Touch Develop®. It's easy to take from place to place, or add the MI: Powerboard for an even smaller power option that hides discreetly behind the micro:bit itself, for badges and wearable applications.



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