The Kitronik ARCADE - a teaching tool for beginner to advanced students

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The Kitronik ARCADE is a fun and engaging educational tool for kids to learn Digital Technologies' concepts!
With web-accessible programming interfaces, the ARCADE is suitable for both visual block programming and later text-based with expansion for hardware tinkering; to design game-based programs that are playable through a familiar game controller/console interface. The ARCADE is a robust tool that grows with your students, constantly challenging with new digital technologies concepts and no software to install.
Other features include:
  • use software skills, with scope to access hardware skills using programmable buttons and expandable input/output (IO) pins to add peripheral circuits/devices for enhanced gameplay
  • use both visual decision-based block-based programming with Makecode Arcade (runs in a web browser) and later with text-based Python (either using a web browser or text editor/IDE).
  • caters for simple concepts such as variables and game-based idoms, with scope for the more advanced text-based programming concepts such as de-bouncing and using the I2C protocol
  • draw on kids' game interface experience to solve problems e.g., how can we input text from a game controller interface?
  • Reputable long-term support - MakeCode Arcade and Python interfaces are supported by Microsoft, and hardware by Kitronik

For Educators: purchase a class set to cater for multiple year levels with minimal setup or dismantling required between classes!

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