Design Your Own Custom Case With Kitronik Electronic Kits

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There's something intriguing about putting together an electronic kit, then seeing it work when electricity is first run through the circuit. With our kits from Kitronik, you are provided with all the information required to design and build your own cases and enclosures!

Kitronik enclosure design documentation

Along with the clear and precise instructions that come with each Kitronik electronic kit, are dimensions to help you design your own case, to protect and house your project. There's also some excellent video walk-throughs, showing exactly how the build is done!


This means you can make your own enclosure and add your own customisations and style to the finished product. Practise and apply your 3D printed or laser cut design skills in addition to honing your soldering skills at the same time. To get started, you can check out some of these 3D printing example resources, from Kitronik.

There's more designs featured on Thingiverse and the Kitronik website - here's a slick lamp design by Neil Barrett, based on the Kitronik Micro USB lamp kit!

Check here for more project kits from Kitronik.

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