Get some Kitronik multi-coloured lights for your BBC micro:bit!

Just in - Kitronik RGB ZIP lights for your BBC micro:bit!

Each LED on these arrays can be individually controlled from your micro:bit in both colour (16,777,216 different colours) and brightness. And yes, they are rather bright on the highest setting ;).

Kitronik ZIP Halo for the BBC micro:bit

The Kitronik ZIP Halo fits directly to the micro:bit, and can be programmed using PXT or other languages such as Python. The circular arrangement lends itself to lots of games where you might need to point to a circular board, such as Wheel of Fortune, clocks, countdowns, or even as a directional pointer. As usual, Kitronik have great documentation that we've linked to from our store. Coming in at just under $20, it's great value.

Read more about the Kitronik ZIP Halo here

Kitronik ZIP Stick



Multiple Kitronik ZIP sticks can be connected end to end, allowing a longer arrays to be created and controlled from the BBC micro:bit. These is the same ZIP array found on the :MOVE mini buggy for the BBC micro:bit. The ZIP sticks also include mounting holes and can be placed up to 5m apart without the need for any additional circuitry.

More information and a video are available here

Kitronik ZIP Circle

Like the other ZIP arrays, the Kitronik ZIP circle can also be connected to the BBC micro:bit and is essentially a smaller version of the ZIP Halo that can be wired to be mounted away from the micro:bit.

Read more here

The Kitronik ZIP Arc 15 and 12 LED Arrays

The Kitronik ZIP Arcs come in 15 and 12 multi-coloured light arrays. These can also be connected together to form a larger circle of RGB LEDs, controlled from a BBC micro:bit.

Read more here

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