Extend the Kitronik Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit With the Kitronik Noise and ZIP LEDs Packs

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Add more micro:bit projects to your Kitronik Inventors Kit, with these cool noise and lighting packs!

Kitronik Noise Pack for the Inventors Kit

The Noise Pack is an excellent introduction into concepts like amplification and audio effects.

Learn how to build and code the following 5 experiments;

    • Varying The Tone With A Piezo Buzzer.
    • Building A Mono Amplifier.
    • Touch Control.
    • The Digital Trumpet.
    • Equalise Your Sound.

There's also a great micro:bit guitar project to be built from this pack.

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 Kitronik ZIP LED pack for the Inventors Kit

The ZIP LEDs add-on pack takes you on a visual adventure! Multi-coloured LEDS (ZIP LEDs) have been a popular topic with our code clubs - students love writing code and seeing how the bright lights respond.

With this pack you can:

  • Learn how control ZIP LED colours.
  • Learn how move a light through any number of ZIP LEDs.
  • Learn how to control ZIP LEDs independently.
  • Learn how to make ZIP LEDs respond to input from electronic components and sensors.

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Note: The required BBC micro:bit and Kitronik Inventors Kit are not included, and are available separately in a combo pack.

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