Kitronik Prong Soil Moisture Sensor - A Bolt-on Sensor for the BBC micro:bit

BBC micro:bit eco-friendly kitronik microbit microbit plant soil moisture

The Kitronik soil moisture sensor for the BBC micro:bit makes school workshops simple and easy!

Kitronik prong soil moisture sensors for the BBC micro:bit

Teacher-friendly features:

  • no fiddly jumper leads or crocodile clips to fall off or short-circuit.
  • supplied screws allow the micro:bit to be firmly attached as one unit.
  • pumps or other device wires can also be securely attached with screws.

As micro:bits favour the micro USB for power, a battery cage (available separately) can safely remain attached throughout workshops/classes. If you display the project around the school (great for open days!) - we recommend a 5V adapter plug pack for long-term power.

Programming these just requires reading pin1 on the micro:bit using MicroPython or drag'n'drop makecode. When the soil moisture level gets too low, send a visual cue, like a sad face, or even send a radio message to another micro:bit to perform an action. For example, at Kid Inventor day our Code Club kids connected a pump to automatically water a plant (yes, it did eventually overflow from so many demos).

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