Kitronik LAB:bit - A Single micro:bit add-on Board to Demonstrate Lights, Motors, Sound, and Sensors!

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There's a unique sense of accomplishment that comes from assembling an electronic kit and witnessing it spring to life. For educators across Australia, the Kitronik LAB:bit educational platform for BBC micro:bit offers just that experience, but with an educational twist.

Kitronik lab:kit complete

Why the Kitronik LAB:bit Stands Out

  • All-in-One Design: One of the standout features of the LAB:bit is its integrated design. With all components housed on a single board, there's no need to worry about misplaced parts. This design not only ensures that all components are always at hand but also reduces the chances of damage or loss.

  • Efficiency in Class Management: We've all been there - the hustle of setting up before a class and the rush to pack up afterwards. With the LAB:bit, these processes are streamlined. The all-in-one design means less time spent on setup and pack up, allowing for more focused teaching and learning time.

  • Build Upon Existing Knowledge: If your students have dabbled with the micro:bit before, the LAB:bit is a natural progression. It allows them to expand on their coding skills and explore new horizons.

  • Online Video Tutorials: Along with the pre-written drag and drop MakeCode projects that you can access in a standard web browser, several youtube video tutorials are also available.
  • Get Started Coding Quickly: Using the custom Kitronik MakeCode blocks, introducing kids to programming lights, motors, sound, and external sensors is a breeze!
  • Fostering Independence: The LAB:bit's design encourages students to take charge of their learning. With everything they need on one board, students can work more independently, exploring and experimenting without constantly seeking out missing components.

Kitronik lab:kit components labelled

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