Kitronik Terminal Block Breakout for the BBC micro:bit

BBC microbit kitronik micro:bit accessories terminal block

Connect wires to your micro:bit with this handy board from Kitronik - great for wired sensors, battery cages, or where crocodile clips would be too bulky.

The micro:bit (available separately) can be quickly inserted or removed from the slot interface, and other Kitronik boards connected via the link interface. The terminal blocks are also more robust and compact than a breadboard if you're connecting directly to wired components e.g. switches, lights, sensors, or motors.

The board can be secured in your project with screws, thanks to 3 convenient mounting holes.

With battery cage wires connected securely, the easy on/off switch can be used - more convenient than unplugging battery packs!

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 Kitronik terminal block for the BBC micro:bit

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