Let your projects run longer with MonkMakes' Power for micro:bit

battery cage BBC microbit micro:bit microbit accessories power regulator

Need to be able to power your micro:bit for longer? Got a blinking micro:bit due to connected motors or lights drawing too much power?

The MonkMakes Power for micro:bit is a regulator that lets you use higher voltage batteries or power supplies without hurting your micro:bit. It takes a 2.1mm plug, found on power supplies or use our terminal adapter to connect a suitable battery source.

Example use cases include:

  • You need a portable power supply that lasts longer than the standard 2 x AAA battery pack
  • Using the micro:bit to power a few more RGB LEDs or running a pump for a self-watering plant
  • Safely running micro:bits off larger AC adapters
  • Regulating a variable power supply, such as solar panels

The following accessories will work with the Power for micro:bit:

8 x AA battery pack to 2.1mm plug

4 x AAA battery cage

3 x AA battery holder with switch

5V DC 2A Power Supply Adapter With 2.1mm Plug






2.1mm terminal connector for other battery packs

..and many more!


Learn more about the Power for micro:bit here..

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