Light Up Your Creative Projects!

Kitronik LEDs ZIP LEDs

Add some glowing highlights to your projects with these two Kitronik Light-emitting diode (LED) strips. These strips use a simple micro USB lead to supply 5V to five bright LEDs with two models to choose from - the Kitronik USB LED stick with on/off switch, or the Kitronik RGB LED stick with selectable patterns.

The Kitronik LED Strip with power switch is designed for low power lightings, such as desk lamps or accent lights. Its discreet size and straightforward layout make it perfect for creative lighting enclosures.


The Kitronik RGB LED Strip is designed for low power lighting applications, such as mood lamps, edge-lit signs, or accent lights. The built-in light patterns  are great for adding a splash of colour and movement to static displays.


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Need more? See the full range of Kitronik LED products here, including both single-colour and individually-addressable multi-coloured LEDs.

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