Looking for a great beginner robot for your BBC micro:bit?

coding Kitronik Micro:bit robotics

The Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit is a fantastic and compact starter robot for your BBC micro:bit(s), priced at under $50! If you've recently bought a Micro:bit, this is definitely worth a look.

The kit comprises the robot and the battery-powered Servo:Lite board, and comes with a well-written instruction booklet, that starts you programming straight out of the box, during the build process. The BBC micro:bit is available separately.

Features include:

  • highly manoeuvrable
  • has an array of bright colour-changing LEDs that can be individually controlled with brightness and on/off
  • pop a felt-tipped pen into the hole for continuous drawing
  • custom blocks for easy PXT drag and drop programming
  • fine-tuning for servos for accurate driving
  • simple, straightforward and robust design is great for use in schools, so that there less parts to come loose
  • an option to disable the LED array and drive another servo or sensor
  • includes the Server:Lite board, with a built in battery cage and switch, that can be adapted for other projects

Ideas for projects

  • use another micro:bit to control the robot with wireless/bluetooth
  • create your own tools to attach, to handle objects like balls, and blocks
  • get more than one and have robots trigger each other using other sensors or wireless/bluetooth communications
  • build you own games that trigger the robot to move
  • adapt the Servo:Lite board to work with old toys or other projects

Look here for the details.

If you're interested in a micro:bit robot that comes with multiple sensors and I2C support for even more, check out the 4 Tronix Bit:bot for the micro:bit.


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