New small device things from Pimoroni - enviro:bit, noise:bit, and LED shim!

BBC micro:bit raspberry pi sensors speaker updates

Wow - compact sensors, a compact speaker, and a slim and compact 28-LED array!

Firstly, we've got a couple of ripper micro:bit accessories in! The enviro:bit adds multiple sensors to your BBC micro:bit, while the noise:bit adds an amplified speaker.

Pimoroni enviro:bit

The enviro:bit lets you plug the micro:bit straight into the edge connector, and is a very compact way to add a bunch of additional sensors quickly and easily.

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Pimoroni noise:bit

The noise:bit features an amplified speaker - again in a super compact package will an edge connector to plug your micro:bit straight in. Why not combine this with the micro:bit wireless communications to trigger sounds triggered by sensors connected to other micro:bits located in other rooms!

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Both accessories will require a micro:bit (available separately), and have examples for and MicroPython to get you started quickly. There's also mounting holes for fixing these to cases, or anywhere you like!

LED Shim

The LED shim lets you add 28 multi-coloured lights to the edge of your Raspberry Pi (sold separately), and still gives you access to the other pins! It's a nice way to use RGB colours and bright lights as indicators, without taking up the whole GPIO set of pins.

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