Pimoroni Pirate Audio for the Raspberry Pi

button DAC display LCD pimoroni pirate audio raspberry pi sound card speaker

Pirate Audio is a range of all-in-one audio boards for Raspberry Pi, with high-quality digital audio, beautifully-crisp IPS displays for album art, tactile buttons for playback control, and our custom Pirate Audio software and installer to make setting it all up a breeze.

Got a Raspberry Pi Zero W that you'd love to add quality audio to, or even one of the other Pi versions that needs an audio upgrade? These Pirate Audio add-on cards are just the thing - a Raspberry Pi sound card with IPS display and  on-board controls!

The Line-out version lets you pump digital audio through your favourite amplifier.

The Speaker version includes a compact built-in speaker driven by a 1W amp.

Get more information on the Pirate Audio Line-out version here, and the Pirate Audio Speaker here.

For built-in versions without the display and controls - check out the Pimoroni Speaker pHAT and the pHAT DAC.

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