Waveshare 1.8" TFT Screen for the BBC micro:bit

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This micro:bit colour screen is great for displaying details that won't fit on the mono 5x5 LED matrix - just insert the micro:bit into the slot with no messy wiring required. Collect information from other micro:bits and create live colour displays or graphs!

The 1.8" TFT has a 160x128 pixel resolution in 65,000 colours using the ST7735S controller, and can store data in an onboard display cache, before writing to the screen.

So far, there's a library and example code available for MakeCode, which allows drawing of dots, lines, circles, boxes, and text. There are functions to either redraw the whole screen or a section of it: For faster updating, it's important to only update the parts of the screen that change. To move or change objects, 'erase' the area first, then redraw in the new position.

For MicroPython, it uses SPI and a built-in connections for controls such as backlight. Since there's not currently a library available, this would be for advanced programmers.

The display is faster than e-ink, and remember it's running on a micro:bit - however, it's easy enough for kids to program using drag'n'drop MakeCode.

The BBC micro:bit is not included and is available separately.

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