5 Pimoroni Raspberry Pi Zero W Kits to Build

 These kits all come with  a Raspberry Pi Zero W - so as a gift, the recipient can always recycle the Pi Zero for other projects, or combine it with all manner of other add-on boards (pHATs and HATs).

Each kit comes with:

  • a handy plastic storage container
  • required cables
  • pin headers (alternatively - if you're not ready to solder, simply use solderless headers to make things easier
  • full instructions online

So you can see exactly what you're getting, we've included a  layout of each kit's included parts. Except for the Starter Kit, you'll also need a microSD card for each of these kits.

Since the Raspberry Pi Zero W has built in Wireless and Bluetooth, each of these kits can also be connected to a wireless network, which if Internet-connected, can be programmed to catch or scan the Internet for information upon which the kit can react to, or display.

Pimoroni Pi Zero W Starter Kit

The Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit gives you everything you need to connect the included Pi Zero W to your network, and learn to program the addressable Blinkt multi-coloured light array. Since the Raspberry Pi Zero W can be connected to your network, the Blinkt lights can also be used as indicators of an event monitored over the network, eg Internet weather services, or wireless IoT devices. Or it can just be a great way to get a Raspberry Pi Zero W, with the require adapters, cables, and header all in one nice package. The kit also comes with a nice translucent case for handy storage.

OctoCam Pi Zero Project Kit

The OctoCam comes with camera, and mount for the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Suction cups are provided, so that the whole assembly can be attached to a window, e.g. for time lapse photography, or just streaming video. Suction cups are provided for window mounting, or alternatively, there are provided legs to prop up your OctoCam on a desktop. Either way, it's a nice package that integrates the Raspberry Pi Zero W cleanly into the body of the OctoCam and comes with a micro USB cable and adapter.

Pimoroni Pirate Radio


The Pimoroni Pirate Radio kit comes with speakers and the pHAT BEAT DAC so that you can stream your favourite radio stations, podcasts, audio files, to your desk or bedside. It's all made to fit in a well-designed blue case, with illuminated VU meters that can be configured to move with the music, or as another indicator.

Pimoroni Scroll Bot

The Scroll Bot Kit includes the Scroll pHAT HD board, that attaches to the Raspberry Pi Zero W via the GPIO interface. The Scroll pHAT boasts 119 white pixels. The unit has a friendly design, and can sit on your desk, displaying whatever information you can pull down over the network, and display on the  Scroll pHAT, e.g. RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, or environmental information.


Pimoroni Mood Light



Finally, the Pimoroni Mood Light Kit is a lamp that can display 16,777,216 different colours on each LED or the Unicorn. This lamp is special, not just because it comes with a sweet diffuser and case, but because it is connected to your network, and can display multi-coloured displays that are either triggered by Internet events, or just add a microphone and program to trigger from sound.


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