Adafruit things for your Raspberry Pi and Circuit Playground Express!

Adafruit Battery Circuit Playground Express Infrared Lipo Charger Lithium Polymer OLED Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 3b+

Here's a few useful things from Adafruit to help you get a bit more out of your devices!

Charge your lipo battery with uninterrupted power to your Raspberry Pi

Keep your Raspberry Pi running uninterrupted with this Adafruit board - by charging a lithium polymer battery while connected to external power.

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Get Raspberry Pi system information onboard

This compact OLED screen fits right on top of your Raspberry Pi to display information such as IP address, which is especially helpful when running without a screen (headless).

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Use this infrared remote to control a Circuit Playground Express (NEC infrared protocol)

Use this slim remote control to send infrared control signals to your Circuit Playground Express. There's libraries with examples to make this a breeze in Circuit Python here.

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