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Our friends at Kitronik have been hard at work, bringing out some excellent micro:bit accessories!

Kitronik Klip Halo

Although an edge connector and jumper wires can connect to 20 pins via a breadboard on your BBC micro:bit - alligator clips are just easier for some projects. This handy accessory exposes all your micro:bit pins as tabs, enabling the use of alligator clips to quickly connect sensors and other components to your micro:bit.

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Kitronik ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack for Kitronik Inventors Kit for micro:bit


This add-on pack for the Kitronik Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit includes projects for individually-controllable multicoloured light emitting diodes (ZIP LEDs). The kit comes complete with a power supply and additional tutorial book. The Red/Green/Blue (RGB) ZIP LEDs are always a big hit with students, and can do over 16 million different colours with variable brightness levels. ZIP LEDs are also great for projects where variances in data can be quickly communicated by varying brightness and colour.

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Kitronik :MOVE mini Line Following Add-on

This add-on for your Kitronik :MOVE mini Buggy not only adds line-following capabilities (complete with working example code) - it exposes even more of the BBC micro:bit pins to allow connection of additional sensors to detect colour, proximity, and more! The kit includes both the Sensor Interface, and Line Following assembly complete with a 5-wire connection cable and mounting screws.

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