Combine Art and Crafts with Coding for Fun Projects

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The Chibitronics Chibi Chip and kits make it easy for kids to create and program (coding) crafty colourful circuits. The Chibi Chip is reusable for loads of projects, over and over again - it works with mobile devices or computers with a headphone socket, with no syncing required!

Image from Chibitronics

The resulting creations are tactile and artistic, so rather than just being restricted to a flat screen, kids can:

  • Build interactive artwork or cards, using circuits with multicoloured flat or raised lights and other components;
  • Use 3-dimensional scenes or models, made of anything from paper to 3d-printed designs, to tell stories and communicate ideas; and
  • Learn about applying coding to physical objects.

There's no soldering involved, and for only a few dollars more the Chibi Chip just clips onto the circuit - great for transferring to multiple projects for school groups. The copper contacts are long-lasting; using a special mesh design that makes them flexible and robust:

Chibitronics Chibi Clip in Australia at Small Devices

 Kids can write their code on portable phones and tablets, or any computers with a compatible web browser - it's then written to the Chibi Chip with an audio cable. Transferring code is quicker than other boards, because code libraries are built into the device - so kids see their code running in under 17 seconds.

Chibitronics Chip and Clip with audio and USB cable available in Australia

 There's loads of adhesive multicoloured lights, effects, and sensors available, or you can use standard LEDs to enhance projects:Chibitronics Multicoloured Light Stickers available in Australia

Of course, the Chibitronics Chip supports arduino codie (a version of C programming) too - you can look at some walk-throughs of exercises here.

You can browse the full range of Chibitronics components and class kits, for dispatch from Australia, by clicking here.






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