Load Your MakeCode Arcade Projects onto Hardware!

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Play MakeCode Arcade games on real hardware with the Kitronik ARCADE! It comes complete with case, vibration feedback, speaker, and extra expansion ports.

For teachers, these come completely built - all you need to do is:

  1. Add standard AA batteries;
  2. Drag blocks to code in your computer's browser; and
  3. Plug in a micro USB cable and download to the ARCADE!

Kitronik ARCADE features diagram

The ARCADE is just the right size and shape to play games with both hands, powered by AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries - there's less hassle for travel/shipping, with no lipo batteries to worry about.

Kitronik ARCADE rear view showing battery cages that double as hand grips

Each Kitronik ARCADE comes complete with a solid, acrylic case. Grab a microUSB cable and start coding games right out of the box, with up-to-date firmware that's ready to go!

Kitronik ARCADE with included acrylic case

Code in block-based drag 'n' drop MakeCode Arcade, JavaScript, or Python(coming soon). MakeCode Arcade is designed for games, so features like character following, scrolling, keeping score, and controls are all built in!

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