Kitronik Inventor's Kit - MicroPython examples and More

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Interested in learning about combining Python with electronics and your micro:bit?

You'll find some great Python code examples at

KevinJWalters has also kindly made a replica of the complete set of MicroPython source files for this kit here.

Under each electronic micro:bit activity, look for the section entitled "Python Code Downloads" where you can check out the Python version of each activity. Although these can be done with micro:bit web editor, it's a bit easier to transfer and debug running code on your micro:bit, with the free mu or Thonny editors.

If you've already got a BBC micro:bit, you can get the Kitronik Inventors Kit here. Or if you wanted everything, including the micro:bit, leads, and batteries, you can get the micro:bit complete starter kit, that includes the Kitronik Inventor's Kit.

Love light, sound, or digital logic based projects? Try out these great add-on packs for your Kitronik Inventor's Kit:

For more Kitronik products, including electronic soldering kits, traffic lights, moisture sensing and more, look here..


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