Latest micro:bit accessories and add-ons available in Australia

Here's a quick round-up of some of the latest kits and accessories to extend your BBC Micro:bit

Proto-pic Micro:pixel Edge 1x10 WS2812B RGB LED Board

Add an extra row of 10 bright multi-coloured, addressable NeoPixel lights to your Micro:bit. These are the younger sibling of the micro:pixel board NeoPixel matrix, and can be used when an additional indicator is needed, showing both colour and number of pixels e.g. to display the status of multiple sensors.

Simon:Says game board

With this board you can create your own Simon Says game by programming the micro:bit. Note: Micro:bit and Bat:bit not included.

4Tronix Bit:2:Pi Adapter Board

The Bit:2:Pi enables you to use some Raspberry Pi add-on boards and HATs on the Micro:bit. By allowing you to patch pins from the Micro:bit to a Raspberry Pi HAT, you can write code to interact with, and control, some Raspberry Pi HATs from your Micro:bit.

Proto-pic Bat:bit Battery Case and Switch

Protect the sensitive electronic components of your Micro:bit with this handy transparent case, that doubles as a battery pack for 2 x AAA cells. The case also adds an on-off switch, so you don't have to risk breaking your battery pack lead, while still allowing access to pins to connect to edge connectors. 




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