Mirobot (v2) Wireless Drawing and Line-following Robot

arduino drawing robot javascript python robotics scratch wireless

The Mirobot stood out to us as a really nice robot to use for teaching maths and programming, and it's quite intriguing to watch it draw. Just connect it to wifi and use the apps to program it through your browser!

Some of the built-in features we love, include:

  • Easy to build from flat laser-cut parts (designed for a 7 year old to build, with supervision)
  • Easy to use by connecting via wireless
  • Reasonably priced
  • Established community behind it, with great browser-based interfaces for programming in Scratch, Python, and other languages familiar to kids
  • It comes complete with sensors to sense its environment for collision detection and, line following
  • Open source and Arduino-based, so you can customise it, or contribute later if you like
  • And it DRAWS with a felt pen..turtle style!!! :)

The Mirobot was designed by Mime Industries and is used in over 50 countries around the world.

You can see the the apps at http://apps.mirobot.io/

Here's a video, where we demonstrate using Scratch to draw with the Mirobot. Just like their larger industrial counterparts, see how we tweaked the angles to account for the real world.

     Look here for more information!



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