The 4Tronix Bit:Bot BBC micro:bit robot is now in stock in Australia

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We found a great robot platform in the 4Tronix Bit:Bot: It harnesses the neat features of the micro:bit, providing an easy-to-setup, full-featured, and expandable robot that comes in at a good price, compared to other robots with the same features.

The micro:bit is a great platform for bridging the gap between creating projects with the keyboard/mouse and screen; and moving to interacting with something more tactile, like sensor inputs, and light or motor outputs.

Putting the Bit:Bot together out of the box, is simply a matter of connecting the battery pack and ball bearing with screws, and pushing on the wheels.

Bit:bot parts in the box

There are two rows of bright NeoPixels to light both sides of the robot with whatever RGB colour you choose.

As for sensors, in addition to the standard line following sensors underneath, are two light following sensors on top. A set of proximity sensors are also included, that bolt onto the front of the robot. That gives three different ways that the Bit:Bot can sense its environment, with an I2C interface, allowing multiple sensors to be added later.

What we really liked about the motors, are the gearing and variable speed capabilities. These drive a pair of grippy wheels and tyres, and you can even use the light sensor values to set the speed of these. The power switch is neatly placed at the rear, so you're not continuously removing or unplugging batteries and leads.

And just below that, is a nice compact buzzer for sound too!

The Bit:Bot is $84.95 $64.95 AUD on its own, and if you haven't yet got a micro:bit you can get one, starting from $21.95 AUD.




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