The Proto-pic Bat:bit micro:bit case is in stock for Australia and New Zealand

Update: Unfortunately, the Bat:bit has been discontinued at this time - however, we still have a great range of other micro:bit cases to choose from :)

These micro:bit protective cases by Proto-pic, have built-in battery packs for 2x AAA batteries, which is great to run longer projects than the MI:Power micro:bit portable battery and speaker will handle.

The acrylic case protects the Micro:bit board from shorting by raising it, while allowing access to all the pins, buttons, and LED matrix. It also includes a labelled on/off switch on its edge.

Bat:bit Micro:bit  case front view

Bat:bit Micro:bit case back battery view

Bat:bit Micro:bit case with batteries

Bat:bit Micro:bit case parts with assembly tool

Click here for more information on the Proto-pic Bat:bit Micro:bit case and battery.

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